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Estate Planning


We offer our estate planning knowledge to people throughout Northern California, regardless of their economic status. We have the experience and knowledge of estate planning law to properly advise you about protecting your assets, avoiding probate and caring for your children in your absence.

Elder Law and Medi-Cal


Most seniors will require some form of nursing home or long-term care during their elderly years. At the Law Office of Jeffrey Hall, PC, we understand the multitude of emotions that come with preparing for this reality.



Probate is essentially nothing more than a court-supervised transfer of title of assets to the named individuals. The court distributes the deceased’s assets according to a will, if there is one. In the absence of a will, the court distributed the assets according to heirs using the predetermined framework under state law.

VA Planning

Practice Areas

U.S. soldiers, sailors, coast guardsmen, marines, and airmen who devote their lives to protecting the safety and freedom of the United States. They deserve to be treated with honor and respect, a degree of which is demonstrated through the administration of veterans’ benefits.

Special Needs Trust


As the parent of a special-needs child, founding principal attorney Jeffrey Hall can relate to other parents who naturally want to do the right thing for a physically, mentally or developmentally disabled dependent.

Business Law

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Our business law services concentrate on risk management and avoidance, whether assisting clients in establishing a new business or providing ongoing legal advice as business concerns arise.

Trust Administration


The Law Office of Jeffrey Hall, PC is committed to assisting Northern California families with trust and living trust administration. We focus on the efficient administration of trusts for our clients. We handle trust tax returns, trust management, and protection of assets. We also assist with regular documentation when the trust is under the court’s authority.

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