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When an individual is no longer capable of managing his or her affairs, a conservator may be appointed to handle the incapacitated person's healthcare and finances. Whether you have been appointed as a conservator or worry about what will happen if a conservator is selected for you one day, you can benefit greatly from a consultation with Jeffrey Hall.
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When a relative or someone close has died and left you property or money or has named you executor of their will, it’s a smart idea to hire an attorney who can help you through the probate process. Probate attorneys handle the administrative side of probates and represent clients in lawsuits focused on disputes over the estate. Whether you’re an executor or involved in a lawsuit resulting from a contested will, turn to attorney Jeffrey Hall for the best legal advice and representation. He has both experience and an in-depth knowledge of the law and probate process.
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Trust Administration

If you have been recently appointed as a trustee, you are about to take on a huge responsibility. Your role as trustee will include effective property management, equal treatment of beneficiaries, prudent investment making, and accurate record keeping. If you fail to uphold these obligations, you could find yourself subject to liability. As such, it is essential to work with a trust administration lawyer with an excellent reputation. Consider reaching out to the Law Office of Jeffrey Hall, Inc. for targeted legal counsel.
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Trusts and Estates

Protecting your wealth through estate and charitable tax planning is the main focus of legal work provided by Attorney Jeffrey Scott Hall. Estate Planning is important for people of all ages who want to control and protect their assets and property. Many clients who come to the Law Office of Jeffrey Hall, Inc., are people who are either preparing to retire or who are already retired. Older people often have sizeable estates, and they benefit greatly from working with us to create strategic tax and estate planning.
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Trust Litigation

Even the most meticulous estate plans can encounter disputes along the way. Trust litigation arises when there is a disagreement related to the validity of a trust or its administration. At the Law Office of Jeffrey Hall, we provide comprehensive legal counsel to trustees, beneficiaries, personal representatives, and heirs involved in trust disputes. If you are involved in a trust dispute or have questions about the administration of a trust, we are ready to help.
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