GOP Tax Plan Could Deal Blow to Seniors Paying for Long-Term Care

tax forms, pen, glasses and calculatorThe tax plan put forward by the Republican-led House of Representatives would eliminate many current deductions, and getting rid of one of them in particular could deal a serious financial blow to seniors and individuals with disabilities. The plan proposes eliminating the medical expense deduction, a change that will especially affect those needing long-term care. Continue reading

What If My Father Is Only a Few Dollars Over Medicaid’s Income Limit?


My father is currently in a nursing home for rehabilitation after a surgery. We are investigating Medicaid eligibility. He makes approximately $8 more a month than the allowed income. He has no other assets. An “asset protection” firm is telling my sister that the only way to make him eligible for Medicaid is to set up a trust, which will cost $1,600. Since his income exceeds the eligibility requirement by so little, is there not some other way to achieve eligibility? Continue reading

IRS Issues Long-Term Care Premium Deductibility Limits for 2018

tax return form income calculator irs individual

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is increasing the amount taxpayers can deduct from their 2018 income as a result of buying long-term care insurance.

Premiums for “qualified” long-term care insurance policies (see explanation below) are tax deductible to the extent that they, along with other unreimbursed medical expenses (including Medicare premiums), exceed 10 percent of the insured’s adjusted gross income. Continue reading

Use Your Will to Dictate How to Pay Your Debts

senior man writing into notebook

The main purpose of a will is to direct where your assets will go after you die, but it can also be used to instruct your heirs how to pay your debts. While generally heirs cannot inherit debt, debt can reduce what they receive. Spelling out how debt should be paid can help your heirs. Continue reading

What To Do When a Loved One Passes Away

old handwritten testament on desktop

Whether your spouse has just passed away or you have lost your mom or dad, the emotional trauma of losing a loved one often comes with a bewildering array of financial and legal issues demanding attention. It can be difficult enough for family members to handle the emotional trauma of a death, let alone taking the steps necessary to get these matters in order. Continue reading

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