When an individual is no longer capable of managing his or her affairs, a conservator may be appointed to handle the incapacitated person’s healthcare and finances. Whether you have been appointed as a conservator or worry about what will happen if a conservator is selected for you one day, you can benefit greatly from a consultation with Jeffrey Hall.

Types of Conservators and Conservatorships

Multiple conservators can potentially be appointed for the same individual. The person selected to handle financial arrangements is generally referred to as a conservator of the estate. The individual asked to take care of medical matters is called the conservator of the person. In some situations, the same person may be appointed as both conservator of the estate and conservator of the person.

In addition to multiple types of conservators, there are also several types of conservatorships. Often, there is a great deal of confusion surrounding limited and temporary conservatorships.  The term ‘limited’ refers to the extent of the assistance the subject might require. Typically, limited conservatorships involve adults with developmental disabilities who do not require extensive care. Conversely, temporary conservatorships may involve a great deal of care, but only for a short period of time. These are generally reserved for emergency situations. Other adults may require Laterman-Petris-Short (LPS) conservatorships, which are limited to individuals who need — but refuse to undergo — extensive mental health treatment.

Conservatorship Guidance at the Law Office of Jeffrey Hall, Inc.

The circumstances regarding the establishment of a conservatorship are often very emotional. This arrangement may be made as a loved one is fighting for his or her life. Jeffrey Hall understands the pain involved in this process, but he also recognizes the importance of making arrangements that enhance the suffering individual’s physical, mental, and financial health. If you would like to act as a conservator for a loved one or believe you may be court appointed for this role, it is in your best interest to first discuss conservatorship options with a trusted lawyer such as Jeffrey Hall.  A meeting with Jeffrey Hall is also worth your while if you fear that your interests may not be appropriately represented if a conservator is appointed for you in the future. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Hall, Inc. offers the high-quality legal service needed to make the appropriate conservatorship arrangements for you and your loved ones.

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